Sunday, October 09, 2005

A winter storm warning is in effect for Colorado Springs and surrounding areas...

It is now 10:33pm on October 9th, and it is snowing!!! This is definitely the earliest snow I've ever seen. They're predicting up to eight inches! I checked the forecaste for Woodland Park, a community up in the mountains, just west of the Springs, and they are supposed to receive up to two feet. This is crazy. Pikes Peak should be white for the rest of the season, I imagine. I hope this is a trend, because I really want to have some good powder to ski before I'm done here in December.

Yea for snow!


jenni said...

aw, i'm happy for you and your snow!! i heard colorado was getting snow and wondered if you would. it was SO great to talk to you the other day!!! you'll have to let me know how the concert was. keep having fun!!

The Bearded said...

Ryan and I are excited for you! Ryan says to ski Loveland and Keystone as they should be opening soon.

Have you jumped on the Bronco bangwagon? If so, GREAT! If not, what's wrong with you?

Also, are you following the Avs? The hockey coverage in CO is so much better. I'm hoping they have a great season again as it's their 10th anniversary in CO.


chinnypea said...

I have never had fantasies about being you until now Matthew Mark Luke John. Snow, and in October! How does it feel to be in my utopia?

You are greatly missed.