Monday, September 26, 2005

Hiking Photo

Here's a pic from a hike I went on last Wednesday. It was lead by Sheryl DeWitt, our Family Life Studies professor, and Elena Thomason, the Omega section Resident Director. It was a fun hike. Bonding time, really.

I honestly don't remember the name of the trail that we were on. However, I do remember that we were on the southwest side of the Springs. As you look at the photo, you're looking east-northeast, out over the city of Colorado Springs

Here are the names of the peoples, from left to the other side (and their home states too).
Back Row: Christian (Minnesota), Me (Kansas), Betsy (New York), Diana (???), Anne Marie (Texas), Jess (Maine)
Front Row: Bethany (Florida), Charlyn (???)

Bethany was funny. She's never experienced the changing of the seasons. Crazy Floridians. She wore red leaves in her hair the whole way down the mountain. Amusing.


jenni said...

thanks for sharing the picture! looks like a lot of fun!! hope you didn't forget that dad's birthday is today, and jess's is on thursday! :) later!!

ashley said...

What a fun picture- and don't forget your family's birthdays, Mr. John. : ) Can I go rock climbing? I think I'll move out to Colorado Springs, just so I can climb. Reading your blog reminded me of climbing the rock wall at your camp. Sweet - and ouch, my forearms, used those little things a bit much. You rock, no pun intended. : )
Love you, Ashley

Manda said...

Hello, friend! I'm so glad you're having so much fun. Yay for hikes with Sheryl and Alaina. I think of you often and wonder how your time has been. I guess that means I'll be back here often. The wedding was wonderful and one of the bridesmaids asked who "that cute tall boy was"... :) Tell Chris that the leaves in Duluth are beautiful.