Monday, September 19, 2005

Practicum Assignment. Yesssssss.

Today I received my Practicum assignment here at the Institute. If you don't know what practicum is, you are alone. I mean you're not alone, or whatever. Think internship. That makes things easier. Anywhoodle...

I have been assigned to work with the editors of a web site called Everyone, especially you college students who are cool and check my blog and go to web sites, should check it out. It's all about being a Christian on a college campus. You will find a message board called the "Coffee Shop," and lots of sweet articles by the people who are going to be my bosses. In time, you may even find an article or seven by yours truly. I don't mean to brag, but they must like my skills. (If you keep in mind that as I'm creating this post, I'm talking out loud in a Napoleon Dynamite voice, you'll think I'm much less pompous than you might otherwise).

I am pretty excited about my assignment. I'm looking forward to working with people who are excellent, hilarious, and thought provoking writers. Though I believe God has gifted me with the ability to write and communicate, getting myself to do it is like pulling teeth, and He hasn't gifted me with the ability to enjoy having my teeth pulled, despite three and a half years of braces. (Thanks, Mom and Dad, for foregoing the addition to the garage to finance my dental rearrangement. I appreciate it.)

So, check out It's scrumtroulescent.

p.s. Keep checking for updates. I should be posting a picture or two from my hike this past weekend. I climbed two 14ers in one day. And I'm still sore today. This 22-year-old body just isn't made to take that sort of beating. I'm getting old.


Thomas said...


Whoodle are you kidding! Just playing dood -- you should check my website I recently updated it and it's pretty sweet.

jenni said...

hey there,
i was so excited to see a new post. and! i'm really excited for you and your practicum placement. that sounds like a lot of fun for you! i'm sure that you will do wonderfully. you are so talented. i'm praying for God's work in your heart this semester. i'm so excited to see what you learn from and through Him! haven't checked out the site yet, but i will do that shortly. look forward to it!! well, keep having fun! :) later!

The Bearded said...

Congrats on your practicum assignment! An assignment that will play on your strengths and hopefully fine tune them even more (although I, myself, would just be content to have your present skills).

I checked out the website and it IS great! A number of tough and relevant issues. How exciting!

Best wishes and many blessings.