Monday, September 26, 2005

I'll Take a Smear & Mantle, on the Rocks, Please

Hello to my peoples.

Focus on the Family Institute is going rather well. Classes are very interesting. We have a ton of reading. But at least it's not from text books and the like. Some of the books are good. Some books are okay. No books are bad.

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So today I went rock climbing. Two words: fan tastic. We were two staff people and three student guys. Just us five. We climbed three 5.9 routes and one of 5.10 difficulty. If you want to know what those ratings mean, don't ask me. I'd Google it, if you're into the World Wide Web and surfing. The units digit refers to the steepness and technicality of the climb. The tenths digit refers to the difficulty of the individual climb within the "5" class. 5.10 is on the verge of being difficult. I really had a confidence boost after doing the 2nd and 3rd 5.9 routes. Then I was on to the 5.10 route. It's amazing how well those silly little flat-soled climbing shoes - that make you feel truly sorry for all those Chinese women who were forced to have their feet bound back in the day - will adhere themselves to a ledge that's only 1/4 of an inch wide. (Sorry for the insentive historical reference. It's the only way to describe the way those shoes make your feet feel.) And I got to learn cool words like "smear" and "mantle." I love new words. Smearing is when you don't really have a foothold, so you put your weight on a relateively vertical and smooth place on the rock. This creates enough friction that, considering you balance correctly and don't move too quickly, you can manage to get to your next hold. Google "mantel." It's too hard to explain, but I can do it. My advice to any aspiring climber (because I'm so good and have lot's of advice to give) is to trust your footholds more than you think is prudent. The shoes really work. And use your legs. Every other time I've gone climbing, my forearms just kill me. I use them too much to support my body. But this time, because I really used my legs mostly, my forearms felt like money. I really think that if I were to stay out here in CO for very long, I would really get into the whole rock climbing scene.

So remember. Go climbing. Use your legs.

And check out, because as our motto says:

"It puts the 'orldvi' back in 'Worldview' "


The Bearded said...

Glad to see you're learning the basics of rock climbing--legs NOT arms. It took myself a few times out before that little tidbit sunk in. It really is easier, isn't it?!

Sounds like you're having fun in CO. I had a great time at the conference in WY and an even better time watching the Rockies! Who would have thought Kim could make Barry go 0-3 and post a shutout at Coors Field!

Keep up the great work and many, many blessings!

TreasureBM said...

You make me smile, MJ. I'm glad you had such a good time, and I regret not being able to be there. Next time! I'm really glad that you're enjoying Focus. It's a mutual feeling. Come over sometime and have some more ice cream pie! You guys were great to have for dinner. A joy, really. I hope tomorrow will be as good as today was for you. Until next time.