Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Christmas in America is How It's Supposed to Be

I really hate the commercialism of Christmas these days.

Maybe I'm noticing it more now that I haven't watched TV on a regular basis in the last year. Another contributing factor is that the radio station I primarily listen to is the local public radio station, which doesn't have commercials. I don't know.

I do know that the last time I did watch TV, I was kind of appalled at how corporate USA has co-opted the tradition of the three wise men (or however many there were) bringing gifts to Jesus.

Holy smokes, the wind is blowing so hard right now. We've been having a blizzard all day.

I know it's popular to bag on things—anything really—like I have just done. It's cool for people in my generation to be disgusted by things and let other people know about it. I almost don't like to talk about the commercialism of Christmas, for fear of people thinking that I'm doing it only because it's chic. But that's just coincidence.

And now I'm worried that my shoddily constructed apartment is going to blow over. Maybe the Big Bad Wolf is outside. He's going to have to light this place on fire to get me to leave, though. It's way cold outside.

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