Friday, November 10, 2006

Is this what I imagined?

I have a new pair of skis sitting in the corner of my bedroom. I've always wanted to own a pair of skis. For as long as I can remember. To own a pair of skis means you live close to the mountains. And there they are, leaning against the wall, the light reflecting off the goldish-orange bindings.

Is this what I imagined, when I was 10 years old, when all I could think of was the next time I'd be going to Colorado? When I memorized the mile marker on I-70 where you can finally see Pikes Peak? (It's mile 371, in case you're curious. Mile 376 on an extremely clear day. Don't bother to pay to climb the red painted tower along the Interstate there that claims you can see six states -- I'm pretty sure it's not true.)

Life is surreal. I own a pair of skis. I live in Colorado. I see Pikes Peak everyday. Life is good.

Sometimes surreal, like right now. But good.


The Bearded said...

I had a similar feeling when I FINALLY bought a pick-up (dream vehicle: Nissan 4x4, extended cab) and my PowerBook (which your family seems to love--we need to work on Tim).

Will you be picking up a season's pass?

ps--I posted a comment on your comment. How'd the elections go for you? I still remember our talk on the politics of the day a while back.

Ryan Smith said...

I know that exact mile marker (or at least the red tower). I pay attention every time that I go back to Colorado.

Manda said...

Life IS good... enjoy the blessings :)