Wednesday, April 11, 2007

A Day Well Lived

photo of the week
A Day Well Lived

I realize I haven't posted in the last, oh, six weeks or so. I really ought to title this post "photo of the month," since that seems to be the frequency with which I add new photos.

But I feel inspired tonight, especially so after having watched an absolutely amazing film called Blood Diamond. I highly recommend you rent it, and then go do something that matters. Trust me, it will inspire you.

So, here's this week's photo:

It's from the trip I took to California last month with my dad and some of his high school students. We toured San Francisco for an afternoon and then spent two beautiful days in Yosemite. On our last day of the trip we went out to the coast, and drove up Highway 1 — my favorite part of the trip. I took this particular photo at Pescadero State Beach, about halfway between Santa Cruz and San Francisco.

Taking this shot straight into the sun, I thought I wouldn't capture the contrast in the dark rocks and sun on the water. But by chance (goodness knows I don't yet know how to manipulate my camera) I got it.

I love how stark this shot is. It's so elemental — the land, the sea, the sky. Black and white.

Evening, just before sunset is my favorite time of day, I think. At least that's the time of day that has the best lighting. That's when I took this shot — about half an hour before sunset. Whenever the sun is shining it's golden light at such an oblique angle, as it's about to go visit the other side of the world, I often feel a sense of peace, as if things are all right.

As if I'm where I should be.

As if life isn't as hectic or futile as I believed it was just a few hours ago.

As if there really is a God who wants to reveal Himself to me through the beautiful world He's created.

As if even though I'm constantly screwing things up, He cares that I'm still trying.

As if it really was — when it all comes down to it — a day well lived.


Manda said...

wow. Beautiful. What a gift, a life well lived.

Manda said...

I was struck by your post-- post news of Sheryl. Do you know where Kelly Sheehe's blog for Sheryl is? will you send me the link? You're in my thoughts and prayers.

Rachel said...


RaeAnn said...

Amazing! Glad you had a good time in Cali.