Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Eagle River

photo of the week
Eagle River

I took this photo in Southeast Alaska, northwest of Juneau, in Eagle River State Park. I was standing at the mouth of the Eagle River, where it flows into the Inside Passage. The sun is setting behind the Chilkat Mountains.

I was picnicking that evening with my roommates, Ryan and Clay (and possibly another Ryan). I'm guessing it was a Thursday.

I almost didn't want to share this picture. The memories it brings to mind are almost too personal.

God has done so much in my life as a result of that summer in Alaska. That place is sacred to me. It represents God's unwavering faithfulness in my life.

I didn't even want to go on summer project. But God knew I needed to. He was right. He knew I needed that experience in that place.

My life will never be the same.


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Manda said...

funny how God puts us where we most need to be. I would love to see a mountain picture... if you're taking requests. Beautiful picture, btw.